Cattel and Oil

This is a scene of a Farm or rather Ranch which has Cattel and an Oil Setting with an Oil Tank Battery in the Background.  I never got around to printing it, although its been in the net a few times in various versions. I had to replace the sky.  There were so many trees I had to replace the sky in each individual frame before the stitching.   I got the thing a bit too saturated so I had to dim it down a b it. I thought it would be interesting to try out the old Zoomify module again on this image. Well I see that It works but I need some control over the initial view position and scale factor.  If the viewer would just take the zif format I would be happy with it.  I think I am going to have to write a module to fix this flaw.  So It appears there is no way to implement any individual per image controle.  This could be a problem.  

  • Horizintal Panorama