If you are puzzeled by the non working references to Zoomify, its because I am trying to get the ZIF format to work and I am having problems with host configuration.. 

I have determined that the problem is related to the serving of the ZIF  file. On Linux systems(Fedora 27 and Ubuntu 16) running a test server using Apache 2.x,and PHP 7.2, I have been able to solve the issue by setting the directory permissions to 755. This has not proved effective on HOSTMONSTER's system. I have refered the problem to their tech support and they promice a responce in a few days. The holidays will probably delay this. But I beleive the problem is a hositing one and not anything intrinsic to the zifimage code. While waiting for the result of my support request, I am going to work on the user interface.


This site is dedicated to panoramic Images of Tulsa Oklahoma.  I put all my non panoramic images over on PhotographingTulsa.


I am still looking for a good panorama viewer. So farI havent found one. One I like that is. So the longer panoramas are not on the site yet.  I havent found any way to make a 20:1 rrender well. Neither have I found a way to handle 360 pans. I'll keep looking.


If you find any of these images desirable you will have to give me a call or see Allen at Zieglers.