New Host you say? Yes after 6 years I abandoned HOSTMONSTER for A2Hostnig. Mainly because HOSTMONSTER could not explaine why my zifimage software would not work on their system or even seem to comprehend the problem. It appears to not be a problem here. So now I am going to see if I can finish the ZIFIMAGE software and make some otherchanges to the site. So please have patience I'm going aas fast as I can.

I am still not satisfied with the display of panoramic images on the website however and I am continuing to look for a solution to this problem. Other than video PP viewer I think Java and you shut it is somewhat questionable in the current day I am winging toward Zuma five now that I have visited image code more or less working well it's less than moral right now but I have in concept got it working so pretty soon the panoramas will appear in zoomable detail rather than small images that you can't examine.