From the Pub

Here is a view Taken from the parking lot across from McNelies Irish Pub.  Its been kn ocking around my HDD for some time. I keep fiddling with it.  In this image I did a major color shift along with Utilizing LR to get a Matrix of 7x14 files.  PT Gui did the straightining but tried to orient it 90 degrees off.  I straightened it by eye.  I get tired of Tulsa in Brown light at night.

Tulsa  From the pub in Blue

BOK Building Plaza by Night

The BOK Building is a 3/4 scale copy of the world trade center. It has an interesting plaza and is hard to Photograph and print with out distortions.  This image is the result of 69 frames shot with a Canon EOS 7D. To get rid of the curved lines I had to use a strange projection they call it Panini and it has a lot of options which appear usefull. More so than the old standbys cylindrical and scherical.

BOK Building and Plazza by Night

University Club Towers and River Backdrop

This is a old Image of the University Club Towers Bulding Shot looking West across the River. I like the way the buil;ding is shown as a illuminated framework.  Looking a buildings at night I have been struck by how fragile they appear -- all space and framework which appears so solid by day.  Brings to mind the fragility of our civilization.

University Club Towers against the Arkansas River by Nite

MTA Building

This is a shot of the MTA Building in downtown Tulsa. I place it here because of its format.  I managed to photograph it with no people visable. I sort of like it that way but I'm sure the MTA would preferr a throng of customers.  I however just don't want to bother with model release forms.

MTA Building


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