Tulsa Center 1498

A view of the Tulsa central business district. It's old, shot on film with my Canon A-1.   I cropped it down so it's not really a panoramic shot but it came from a bigger pan.  I probably should put it in Photograghing Tulsa. I suppose its tall enough to be considered a vertical pan however so here it stays.

City Central

River Reflections

A view of downown Tulsa from across the Arkansas River looking east.  With all the  new parks construction it's probably time I reshot this.  This is an unusual panorama as its made up of four 4x5 frames shot on slide film using a speed graphic. One of my few if not only large format panoramas. You dont need many frames with a 4x5 and its a good thing a $5 a frame for processing. 

River Reflections

Tulsa Open Arms

Another older Night panorama shot from The University Club Tower Looking North into downtown Tulsa.  Shot of Film with a Canon A-1 and the prime 135 mm lens.  While I miss the old film days I will say that the digital era is much cheaper. Although the lens seem much slower now.

Tulsa Opean Arms

BOK from Brady District with Moon

Its kind of rare to get the moon in one of my photos.  This one shows the moon through the clouds which give it a sort of distorted look.  The moon is to bright so all detail is lost. This would be ideal for a HDR image.  Maybe I could drop a photoshopped moon in but I have not.  This is the same shot as the other just cropped less and the exposure tweaked a bit.  Enjoy...



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