BOK from Brady District with Moon

Its kind of rare to get the moon in one of my photos.  This one shows the moon through the clouds which give it a sort of distorted look.  The moon is to bright so all detail is lost. This would be ideal for a HDR image.  Maybe I could drop a photoshopped moon in but I have not.  This is the same shot as the other just cropped less and the exposure tweaked a bit.  Enjoy...


Chandler Park Entrance 500 mm Mirror Lens

This is a view of Tulsa from the entrance of Chandler Park. Looking East over the Refinery.  It's appropriate because Tulsa used to be known as the Oil Capital. Those were the Days when most of the skyline and buildings were created.  Since then It seems most of the Oil Industry has moved to Houston. Leaving us with only a few Gas companies and they are under seige.

Chandler Park Location 500 mm lens


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