Horizintal Panorama

Cattel and Oil

This is a scene of a Farm or rather Ranch which has Cattel and an Oil Setting with an Oil Tank Battery in the Background.  I never got around to printing it, although its been in the net a few times in various versions. I had to replace the sky.  There were so many trees I had to replace the sky in each individual frame before the stitching.   I got the thing a bit too saturated so I had to dim it down a b it.

Oil and Cattel

MTA Building

This is a shot of the MTA Building in downtown Tulsa. I place it here because of its format.  I managed to photograph it with no people visable. I sort of like it that way but I'm sure the MTA would preferr a throng of customers.  I however just don't want to bother with model release forms.

MTA Building

Tulsa Sunset

This is one of the most colorful sunset Images I have captured. Shot on film with my Canon A-1. These pictures are from the days when Syntroleum was still going strong in its Downtown office. I was at Dresser Engineering at the time.

Sunset View


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