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Cattel and Oil

This is a scene of a Farm or rather Ranch which has Cattel and an Oil Setting with an Oil Tank Battery in the Background.  I never got around to printing it, although its been in the net a few times in various versions. I had to replace the sky.  There were so many trees I had to replace the sky in each individual frame before the stitching.   I got the thing a bit too saturated so I had to dim it down a b it.

Oil and Cattel

From the Pub

Here is a view Taken from the parking lot across from McNelies Irish Pub.  Its been kn ocking around my HDD for some time. I keep fiddling with it.  In this image I did a major color shift along with Utilizing LR to get a Matrix of 7x14 files.  PT Gui did the straightining but tried to orient it 90 degrees off.  I straightened it by eye.  I get tired of Tulsa in Brown light at night.

Tulsa  From the pub in Blue